Sunday, June 3, 2012

And another chunk of time goes by...

Wow - who would have thought?
It is getting harder to keep up on our posts.

Life is good, and life is busy.
And the adventure continues...

Since the last post, we have gotten new passports, re-done our fingerprints and filled out more paperwork. All with the aim of getting "residency" here. Our decisions to stay long term or or not have nothing to do with it. It is simply the easiest way to make sure we have the choices to make and that NZ can't make them for us by telling me I can't work.

Some friends took me to see the old St. Paul's Cathedral - I did not know it even existed here. But it was amazing to see, with all of the beautiful woodwork. We also took a two day trip up to Auckland to see the DreamWorks "How to Train your Dragon" Arena Show and a small side trip to Piha. The show was fun, but we were disappointed that  it was another re-telling of the original movie and not additional story content. So of the visual effects though were beautiful. We had purchased the tickets to the show back in 2011, when I was still working with DreamWorks on the iPhone App. The App has now been released and I think it looks great! Check it out. - it's called "Tap Dragon Drop". We also had a friend show us Piha while we were there. It is a great beach spot.

I got the opportunity to lend my voice to some background "screaming".  I'll never know if it will actually be used, but it was fun. We still can't talk about what we are doing or the films, but it is lots of fun to be a part of it. We have seen a lot, unfortunately we can't photograph most things so we will only have our memories for now. But it is worth it!

And I have once again  been back to China for 10 days and have returned exhausted.
It is a three day weekend here - The Queen's Birthday, so we are relaxing.

We have about 3 and half weeks before we head back to the States for our yearly visit.
We are really looking forward to it. It is winter here and it is cold. So a 3 week holiday where it will be summer will be greatly welcomed. We are also really looking forward to catching up with our family and friends. We have two new cousins to meet. ComicCon this year will be a lot of fun as well. I will be working the Weta booth and Eric will be helping with set-up and break down of the booth.
We will return back to NZ on the 17th of July and it looks like my next trip to China will follow closely after. Busy times indeed.

Work is definitely keeping me busy and I am enjoying it. Eric is also enjoying his work.
Myztyc, our sweet kitty is growing and has become a welcome, warm and cuddly family member. I missed her while away in China and will undoubtably miss here while we are back in the States. We have certainly been reminded of how much we both love having a pet(s) in the house.

That should bring you up to speed at this point.
Warm Regards to all! See some of you soon.

Stacy & Eric

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  1. It's wonderful to hear about your adventure. I hope we can meet up in San Diego.