Saturday, March 31, 2012

Where does the time go?

So another month and a half between posts. I had no idea I would get so caught up in the new job and everything else that so much time would go by before I could come up for air again. But I will say it has been a good month and a half.

The new job is going well. I am enjoying it very much and being kept very busy.
After only one week at the office I was was off to China for what was supposed to be a 4-5 day trip. It turned into a 9 day trip. I spent the last 4 days there without by boss. It went well and since there will be future trips where I will be solo, it was great being able to get my relationship established so quickly.

It had been about 6 years since I was last in China and it was very much the same as I remember it. I can say that the food I had this time was much better.

In addition to being busy with the new job, Eric has continued to be busy at Weta as well. And continues to enjoy the work and the people.

The big news is that we have adopted a new kitten. About a month or so ago a neighborhood cat tried to adopt us. We began feeding her and letting her into our place. As we were starting to get attached to her, we decided we better make sure that she did not belong to someone else. Long story short -she did and we could not keep her. We realized that we missed having a pet around and started looking for a cat we could rescue. The photos above are of Myztic (mystic) she was 5 month old when we brought her home (born Oct 16th) and weighing only about 2.5 lbs (1kg). She has been eating better and growing and is now up to 5lbs (2.05kg). She is really cuddly and very playful.

As far as other activities, we spend time with our friends regularly. We have seen Hunger Games and enjoyed it. And I got together with some friends and walked through the Terrace Tunnel for charity last week. This is a tunnel that normally has traffic going through it at about 100 kph (65 mph), but was shut to traffic for a few hours to allow the public to pay and walk through it. The money went the Children's Hospital. It was lots of fun and the department of transportation was there to talk to the public about all the safety features that have been newly installed through the tunnel. It was very cool.

We are looking forward to a 4 day break for Easter here. We have no real exciting plans other than to relax and hang with friends. We have both been working hard enough that we want to take advantage of some down time. Coming up I will be heading back to China again in May. And we are starting the planning for our return visit to the States in July. It will be a shorter visit this year and I will be working at San Diego Comic Con full time this year. We are really looking forward to getting our fix of In N Out Burgers and Mexican food! As well as a little shopping for those items that they don't seem to have down here.

Cheers for now, hope to update again (sooner)
Stacy & Eric

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