Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yes, it has been awhile.

Sorry for the long gap between postings.

I have been holding off posting until I had something to actually post.
These last seven weeks have been a bit crazy. So much was in flux that Eric and I really did not know what we were doing. Staying or going...

So just to recap, my job at Sidhe was ending and the status of our Work Visas was
up in the air.

Over the last seven weeks, I have been interviewing and waiting and waiting (not very patiently I might add). I was finally offered a position - Yay! BUT then found out that my Visa was not a simple "transfer" procedure, but a whole new application procedure. After several meetings with an immigration advisor, more paper work, and some more $, it took another week to get the Visa approved and then I was able to accept the job offer. In the midst of it, we needed to get new Visa and Passport photos taken. So Eric has now had his hair returned to something closer to it's natural color. (photo to come soon). He should also be commended for helping me survive the time.

So I start work next week as the Product Development Manager at Weta Ltd. and am really looking forward to it. It has actually been 4 years since I first entertained the idea of moving to NZ and working for Weta. I won't be able to talk a lot about what I am working on, but suffice it to say I will be working on the fun stuff. Eric and I will be able to walk to work together and occasionally have lunches and breaks together.

Eric(pending the unknown) and I will also be able to head back to Los Angeles and San Diego in July to see family and friends as well as to work SD ComicCon.

Summer here has been a mixed bag. We have had some beautiful days as well as some more rain and clouds. I was hoping for better, but oh well. The cicadas can be heard daily now and we really enjoy hearing them.

We are both very happy and relieved that things have worked themselves out and are happy that we are staying here in New Zealand for the foreseeable future.

More blogging ahead.

Stacy & Eric