Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time moves on

Time moves on...
And apparently at speed.

So now it is the beginning of March. I swear it was just January.
Eric and I are both doing well. As is Myztyc.
It is currently bucketing down rain here. Most of our friends and family back in the states would not find this unusual as they have been getting rain too. However, I will remind you that it is currently "supposed" to be summer here. I have to say, apparently this year we were skipped. In the almost 4 years here this is the worst summer yet. Almost non-existent. I am very thankful for our week in Australia at Xmas. Hoping we still may get a few more warm sunny days. 

AnimFX took place mid Feb. And was fun. Met some new people from around the industry and caught up with some friends and colleagues.

Eric and I did manage a little 4 day get-a-way to the a Coromandel.  A small peninsula north of us and south of Auckland that we had yet to explore. It was quite beautiful, and very relaxing. We slept in, took long drives and short hikes. Spent some time on the beach and enjoyed some good away from work time.

This was my last little respite before I start travel again. Back to China mid March and possibly Calgary, Canada mid April.

Hoping everyone is settling into 2014. The adventure here continues….

Love & Hugs
Stacy & Eric