Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another day another plane

When it rains it pours…and we go in search of sunshine.

It has been winter here in Wellington. Cold, dark, wet and windy. And did I mention cold?

So what have we been up to? ...Work.
We have both been very busy, and traveling a lot. As of right now, I am still a Gold Elite member of Air New Zealand/Star Alliance and Eric is now a Gold member as well.

I did head off to China at the end of March and then we both went to Calgary, Canada for Calgary Expo in April. On our way back we had a few days in Los Angeles to catch up with some family, a few friends and managed to catch "The Book of Mormon" at the Pantages Theater. We enjoyed it very much. It was very inappropriately funny -as we had expected.

Then I went back to China again in May and Eric went on to Korea to set up a Weta Show in Seoul.

From there he went to San Diego and Los Angeles where I met up with him along with a few others to head off to Denver for Denver Comic Con.

From Denver I went to Hong Kong and China for a week of production and quality assurance. While Eric went back to Los Angeles/Seattle to sort out some of our House stuff. It is currently on the market, but not much interest. We may need to rent it out again.

I came back to New Zealand for about 10 days before heading back to LA to join back up with Eric for some much needed "down time".

July was a big blur. It was great to visit with family and friends, and to celebrate my birthday at my favorite restaurant.

The weather was fabulous! - warm, sunny summer weather. I was really ready for that. Back in NZ we were having the shortest days of the year with sunrise at about 8:00 am. and it stated getting dark at 3:30 pm. It felt good to be wearing short sleeves and flip flops (sandals). We enjoyed many In N Out burgers (I lost count) as well as lots of good Mexican food. And quite a lot of frozen yogurt.

The days went by too quickly and we were off to San Diego to set up Comic Con.

Lots of work and a huge success. It took 3.5 days and a crew of about 12 to set it all up.
and we miraculously broke it all back down in a day and half.

The highlights of the show for me were that I did actually get a few breaks (as opposed to the 2 previous years). I was able to meet an author I admire -Cornelia Funke and got my copy of Inkheart signed. And I was able to enjoy the John Barrowman panel. He is very entertaining! I am looking forward to seeing him again in Salt Lake City. We also had a great photo taken of a group of us at the The One Laketown Luau.

We had a few days to recover before taking a quick trip to Indiana for Eric's grandmother's memorial service. Ruth was am amazing 97 years old when she died. A life well lived, and we will miss her.

It was a very quick trip. We left early Friday morning and were back Sunday night.
Flying in to Indianapolis and then driving about an hour to Hagerstown (picture farms and lots of open spaces) It was nice to see some of the family we had not seen in several years.

From there it was back to San Diego, LAX and then Auckland. Good to be back.
Unfortunately, we knew it was not for very long.

Eric had about 10 days and then he was off to Korea again to take down the show he helped put up in Seoul and move it to Busan to set up again. He will then go direct from Korea to Salt Lake City to meet back up with me and others to set up Salt Lake City Comic Con.

After Salt Lake City Eric will return to New Zealand for bit. Our kitty Myztyc will be pleased. She has not been too happy with us of late. I will get a few days to see family and friends again in LA a well as have a few work related meetings, before heading off to Hong Kong/China for a week. Then I will be going back to New Zealand.

…But only for a few weeks before Eric I go back to New York for Comic Con in October.
This will be our first time attending this show and our first time together in the Big Apple. We are looking forward to it and are going to take a few days after the show to stick around and enjoy the city. Hoping to see a show as well.

So, aside form traveling the globe, living out of our suitcases and working shows, there is not much more to report.

We had a hail and lightning storm the other day and a bolt of lightning hit our wind needle, and it was caught on camera. Very cool. Unfortunately they had just finished refurbishing the installation about 2-3 month before. They are repairing it again now.

The Wellington sign (see earlier posts) has been revised changing the "W" to a "V" to honor the indie -mocu-mentary "What we do in the Shadows" about vampires living in Wellington.

It was great seeing those of you we did and our apologies to those we missed this trip and hope to see you again soon.

…Now where shall we go next with all of those frequent flyer miles?

Warm wishes to all,
Stacy & Eric