Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not much shaking here

Hi all -
So yesterday there was a big 7.1 earthquake that rocked Christchurch at about 4:30 am. Eric and I did not feel a thing. Except for when we learned of it, we felt a lot of empathy for those who did feel and experience it. Both of us experienced the 6.8 quake that rocked Los Angeles, CA at about that same time back in 1994. It is quite scary to be sound asleep and woken by such violent shaking and damage. The shock of trying to figure out what happened, what to do first and trying to get in touch with loved ones. I do not wish the experience on anyone. For what it is worth, the experience was made better by knowing that we were not alone and so many people banded together to help where ever they could. We were touched that so many people thought about us over here and reached out via emails and Facebook to make sure we were alright.

We are currently busy moving in to our new place, boxes everywhere. As we are putting things away and setting things up, it serves as a great reminder that we are indeed in earthquake country and need to secure things well.

Thanks again to everyone who checked in on us,
and if you know anyone in Christchurch our thoughts are with them.

Love to all,
Stacy & Eric

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