Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fun Food Facts

I had meant to post this earlier in the week but I have been too busy with the getting ready for the movers and then with the unpacking.(more on that later) The computers went off line for a bit and blogging from my iphone was not what I wanted to do. So here it is, my first food rant....

Where to start... First off, food is generally more expensive here. I wouldn't mind spending more for my food if I didn't feel like I was constantly settling for the stuff I was buying. Where are all my favorite brands and foods??? I have found some Campbell's, El Paso -counts as mexican here, Doritos, Oreos, Kellogg's, Best Foods, Kikoman, Paul Newman's dressings, and of course Coca Cola products. Most everything else is stuff I have never seen or heard of.

The cubes of butter you buy here are double size. They don't fit in my butter dish unless you cut them in half yourself.

The expected fast food is here, but we don't go near it. - McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, Subway and KFC.

Note these are in NZD - New Zealand Dollars
I could convert them for you but since my salary is also in NZD it only makes sense to stop worrying what that is in USD.

Big Mac is $5.10
Starbucks Venti drip $6.30
I believe our first major shopping to fill the pantry and fridge including all the basics and cleaning products was close to $600.00. Thank goodness I won't be doing that every month.

Interestingly, high fructose corn syrup is considered and "additive" and not allowed here.
we have real sugar! That probably explains why half my favorite food/brands aren't here.

Oh, but you can still buy saccharin here.

They seem to very conscientious about allergies and lots of places have gluten free items on their menus and markets carry a good number of gluten free items. Organic food is still hard to find or very expensive. And I can't find brown rice. I know I am not the first "expat" to say it nor will I be the last, but Trader Joe's could make a killing here.

Fun food: They have a chain called Wholly Bagels.
Good New York Style bagels, are something I missed in Seattle and love having again.
On the subject of "wholly" we also have two pizza chains here Hell pizza and Heaven Pizza.
Haven't been to Heaven yet(lol) but Hell pizza is quite good and the menu is very entertaining check it out.

You may have to look up some of those toppings. Capsicum -thats kiwi for bell pepper. And notice there is no sausage? not sure why.

They also use the name sultana for raisins as in we have Kellogg's Sultana Bran.

So, I have pizza and bagels and cream cheese, what else am I eating?
falafel, yogurt, cheese and crackers, ham (turkey is not common here and expensive if you can find it) and my new replacement for Clif Zbars is called Naturally Tasti Nut Bar-Choc & Peanut. Tastes too good to be all that healthy, but it is only a few more calories(which they call energy (kj) Argh metrics! than the Clif Zbar with more protein.

What I am missing:
Triscuit crackers
Robert's American Gourmet Smart Puffs
Jif creamy peanut butter
peanut butter Clif Zbars
Carroll Shelby's Chili Mix
Cheddar cheese
Pepperidge Farm crackers
Cinnamon Altoids

Still trying to tracking down Edamame, Herbs de Provence and onion power -go figure
Might be cheaper to make it myself.

In the category of odd foods

Kiwi fruit and habanero sauce (see photo)
Milo -Nestle's odd version of Hot Chocolate
Oh and I forgot to mention if you order a hamburger here it will come with aioli (mayo+) and beet root. If you'd like ketchup, it's called tomato sauce (tastes different) and in some places you have to pay extra for those little packets.

I am sure O am forgetting somethings and that there will be more fun discoveries ahead.
I will continue to post.

Cheers for now,
Stacy (and Eric)

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  1. It has been said, "enjoy the differences". Good advice. I did not mean my little rant to sound whiney or a complaint. If I wanted things to be exactly the same there would be no reason to travel or adventure. It is all part of the experience, which we are enjoying very much.