Saturday, August 25, 2012

Too busy these days

Myztyc stayed safe during all of the moving craziness

We ran the chord all the way down the hall.
Now we are set up to dry hair in the Laundry room.

Since our last post, I have been back to China and then in the whirlwind of packing and moving. Still not completely unpacked and set-up yet leaving again for China next weekend. This is the super busy time leading up to the World Premiere here in Wellington and the global release of The Hobbit.

With what little time we have had in between, we visited a quirky little place here called Westside Studios  -  It felt a lot like and old fun house. Helped Kim Beaton with her Tree Troll project. And have been enjoying some nice meals with friends.

Speaking of good friends. We had 7 good friends help us with the move. That was in addition to us and the 2 movers we hired. We were very fortunate in that it had been pouring down rain for the days leading up to our move. And on Saturday - the day we scheduled the movers for - it was a beautiful dry, sunny day. "Thank you" Which made things much nicer overall. The approximate 60 steps up the hill to our front door was quite grueling, but much easier when it is not pouring rain. We managed to get about 85% of our move completed. Unfortunately on Sunday the rain had returned and we did another 10% of the moving in the wet. And finally finished the last 5% on Monday.

New address is 80 Totara Road, Miramar, Wellington, 6022 New Zealand

Only issues with our new place is that we have poor hot water pressure and there is no electrical outlet in the bathroom... but we are working things out. And the upside is we no longer have a screaming child underneath us or the booming bass of the rap music reverberating through our home. Yay!

We should have some more photos of the new place soon, once we finish settling in.
It's still cold here and we had a wild hail storm last week. Looking forward to spring. Hope it gets here soon. Although while in China I get to deal with 95 - 100 degrees with 80-90% humidity. :OP

Here are some more of Eric's great photos from ComicCon

Warm Regards to all,
Stacy & Eric

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