Sunday, June 26, 2011

At least no one was hurt!

Thank goodness there were no injuries.

And I was certain that our first accident would have been our fault, being new drivers on the wrong side of the street and all.
BUT NOoooooo!

We were just going straight though an intersection and someone made a right turn (same as a left to those in the states) - did not yield - and hit us.
It was dark and pouring rain.

The good news again was that no one was hurt and insurance here has been easy and great. All repairs are being paid for, no out of pocket expense. The car is still drivable so we are going to take it to the dealer and they will repair it while we are away on our trip. It will be all fixed by the time we get back.


Speaking of our trip, we are looking forward to seeing friends and family. This will be our first trip back, having been away now for almost an entire year. It is interesting finding out what things we still miss, and what things we don't. There are definitely some restaurants and food we are looking forward to as well as some "shopping". We will be bringing an extra suitcase back with us for sure. It is currently winter here. It is all of 3 degrees C at the moment that's 37 for those still using F. We are also definitely looking forward to some sunshine and warmth.

Hope to see as many of you as we can fit in.
Stacy & Eric

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