Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lesson for the day

This blog entry is brought to you by the word "pants" and by the letter "z".

We continue to learn and adjust. Here are some examples of New Zealand vocabulary and spelling.

The word "pants"
slang definition - rubbish, no good, bag of shit
ex - "that's pants!"

The letter "Z" or as they call it here "zed"
Is apparently a rarely used letter.
Of course we use it regularly in the spelling of New Zealand

But otherwise the letter "z"(zed) is replaced with the letter "s" here


  1. LOL thanks for making me laugh and smile. Hope you are doing well.

  2. HAHAH!! I want to start using that here....just start randomly screaming "THAT'S PANTS" when the Lakers or Packers lose and see what my friends say, LOL!

  3. Hi, Stacy!

    Speaking of pants, have you run into any difference in meaning? In the UK (where they also say "pants" meaning "crap"), we discovered that the real meaning of the word is "underpants." It is NOT synonymous with "trousers." So if you compliment someone on their attractive pants, they'll turn red and look to see if their fly is down or they have a hole in their trousers. (We didn't discover that until we'd been living there for a couple of years.)

    (Even worse: We didn't know the word "fanny" means something different for a couple of years. . . .)