Friday, December 24, 2010

A bit of travel before Santa visits

We took a 2-day trip north to see Hobbiton and the Waitomo Caves.
Wish we could share some of the amazing photos we took at Hobbiton - but we promised that our photos would not be shared/posted. It is a confidential movie set and we signed papers saying we would not share our photos - sorry.

We can however show you some of the insides of the wonderful Caves. Above photos of are Ruakuri and Aranui Caves. Stalactites and stalagmites everywhere. And Glow worms!!!
The Glow worms are very difficult to photograph but here is an attempt. The tiny bluish specks are the worms and the thin threads that dangle is how they catch their food. If the marketing guys did not get a hold of it you might call it "Shiny Maggot Poo" since what they really are are maggots or fly larva and what makes them glow is the chemical reaction form digestion(shit).

These caves are 100 - 200 feet below the surface of the earth.

We are looking forward to traveling the South Island again.

More soon...

Stacy & Eric

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