Sunday, October 31, 2010

14 years and still going!! - part I

Fourteen years....where does the time go? In 2006 Eric and I celebrated Valentines Day in New Zealand. Specifically visiting Hobbiton and Rotorua. We had no idea then that we would be back in 2010 to celebrate our anniversary. So what did we do? We packed up the car and went exploring more of this amazing country.

Saturday morning we packed up the car (food and cameras) and headed North. Our first stop was a sculpture garden called Efil Doog. (Good Life spelled backwards) It was a beautiful garden with a variety of great sculptures scattered throughout. The Rhododendrons were in bloom, reminding us very much of Seattle. We spent a couple of hours roaming around and photographing and then took out our packed lunches.

From there we continued on toward Martinborough and Featherston. We decided to take a road on a map that said it went to Glendhu Rocks...We drove and drove and drove -to the end of the road -literally. I do not know where we were other than the road on the map but we never really arrived anywhere. It was just beautiful countryside with lots of farms and sheep and cows along the way. There was a dead rabbit in the road that had a great raptor(falcon-like bird) perched upon it eating away. We tried to stop and photograph it, but it just flew away each time we approached. (need a longer lens!)

We eventually drove back to Featherston and had a nice dinner at the Royal Hotel Restaurant and stayed at Benvenuto -a nice little B&B.

It was a great day!

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