Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And They're Not Kidding

So this is the signage indicating the gender for the restrooms in the Wellington Airport terminal. Wellington is also called Windy Wellington and they are not kidding. Sunday night was the most incredible wind storm we have ever experienced. Constant 40 mile an hour winds. the sounds was indescribable. For those of you in Seattle, if this had hit there, you would all be without power for at least a week or more. What was really amazing was that no one here even blinked. Apparently 40 mile and hour or as they call it 62km/hr, is just another windy day. It gets even stronger in a "real" storm. Gee, I can hardly wait.... In addition to these amusing images, Wellington has a multitude of art and sculptures that are all designed to interact with the wind. Some spin, some light up and some just move in the direction the wind is blowing. It certainly makes for a lot of bad hair days. I will take more photos to share as I continue to explore the city.

Stacy & Eric

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